Medical Astrology

Like every finger is different, every soul is different. You can never find 2 same horoscopes, even for twins or triplets. Our birth and life is controlled and governed by planets and planetary positions, those have a direct impact on our lives, like it or not. Horoscopes are not specific for any religion or caste; it is just a mathematical guidance tool based on astrological and astronomical calculations and is a reference for the past, present and the future.

Medical Astrology plays a pivotal role in the outcome of health conditions and diseases; there are very few people who are specialists in this field. Both Astrology and Astronomy play a critical role in Health conditions, and more than 108 different permutations and combinations are worked out before arriving at your medical astrology report. Every planet has its significance and they control different organs and parts of the human body. Pancha Boodha Shastra (the Vedic name of 5 element theory) plays an important role in choosing the best dates, time and hora to even meet a doctor or a specialist. How can a general calendar work for all horoscopes? Think….It is a matter of your life or the life of your loved ones, though nothing can win over nature and God, we can use all the tools provided by our Maharishi’s & Guru’s to the best possible so that we live healthy!

Fill out this form and submit it, receive your Medical Astrology report within 72 hours. If it is a priority, choose the priority plan and get the report within 12 hours. Remember, this is not a computer generated report or a copy paste job; it is a highly customized report for you based on many permutations and combinations. Your exclusive 15 page Medical Astrology report includes:

  1. Your basic health report – as per Vedic Medical Astrology
  2. Strong and weak planets – snapshot & how it may impact you
  3. Present planetary positions and how it may impact your health
  4. Your ideal days for consulting a general physician or a therapist
  5. Your ideal days for visiting a specialist doctor
  6. Ideal days for any procedure / surgery (if planned) with time (3)
  7. Times to avoid – while consuming any medicines (day wise)
  8. Ideal directions to sleep (as per your Vedic Medical Vaasthu)
  9. Tips and Tricks for a faster recovery – as per Vedic Medical Vaasthu and Vedic Medical Astrology customized for you
  10. Recommendations on how to take planetary support to come out of medical ailments / situations faster

Vedic Diet – Foods that can really be harmful and worsen your medical conditions, Foods to avoid at any cost.

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    Jan Carey

    I would like to request a medical astrology reading.
    Could you please provide more information about cost and how I can do this.

    With much gratitude

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